Meet Charlie F.

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Charlie F.

Senior Engineer, Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering

Honolulu Office

What is your role at Martin Defense Group?

I am a mechanical engineer in the naval architecture and marine engineering division, and I primarily work on computational fluid dynamics (CFD), which means I do a lot of computer simulations of boats and surface vehicles.

What do you like about working at Martin Defense Group?

I love my job at Martin Defense Group because it constantly challenges me. I usually work on multiple projects at once, where I am shifting between different ideas and concepts. My work is always very active and exciting.

What motivates you each day?

What motivates me the most is the curiosity behind solving different problems. Often times I’ll leave work with a CFD solution or simulation running thinking I might fix some problem – and then in the morning, I am eager to check on the run and see what happened overnight. I like digging into the science, asking questions, and constantly trying to solve problems.

How do you define success?

I don’t like to compare myself to other people, but I do like to be compete with myself. If I feel like I’ve done the best that I can do, that is what I consider a success.

How do you make a difference here with your job?

From early design stages to manufacturing, I get to see concepts that go from thoughts in our minds, to the computer, all the way to a full-scale prototypes. It is pretty cool stuff!